Winners 2010


First Place Winner: Mikayala Kidane
Leadership: The position of function of a leader
Leaders are called to stand
Between the no longer and the not yet
And intentionally make decisions
That will bind, forge, move
And create history.
Leaders are not called to be popular,
Leaders are not called to be safe,
Leaders are not called to follow
Leaders are the ones called to take risks,
we are the ones called to change attitudes
we are the ones called to gamble our lives,
for a better world.
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost,
When health is lost, something is lost,
When character is lost, everything is lost.
When people tell me that I am great
I know my job as a leader is done,
There is nothing better then to feel
That I have achieved something
And become more than what I am capable of.
I learned that day I lead best,
When I get off my butt and help the rest,
To lead by example is the true treasure
The secret of leadership, in one simple measure.
Character: The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.
Second Place Winner: Slavin Dutt
May you have the grace plus wisdom
To act kindly
Learning to distinguish between
What is personal and what is not
May you be hospitable to criticism
May you act not from arrogance
But out of service
May you work on yourself
Building up and refining the ways of your mind
May those who work for you know
Building up and refining the ways of your mind
May those who work for you know
You see and respect them
May you learn to cultivate the art of presence
In order to engage with those who meet you
When someone fails or disappoints you
May the graciousness with which you engage
Be their stairway to renewal and refinement
May you treasure the gift of the mind
Through reading and creative thinking
So that you continue as a servant of the frontier
Where the new will draw its enrichment from the old
And you never become a functionary
May you know the wisdom of deep listening
The healing of wholesome words
The encouragement of the appreciative gage
The decorum of held dignity
The springtime edge of the bleak question
May you have a mind that loves frontier
So that you can evoke that bright fields
That lie beyond the view of the regular eye
May you have good friends
To mirror your blind spots
May leadership be for you
A true adventure of growth
Second Place Winner: Kathryn Vandrey
Leaders are found everywhere
Showing the world that people still do care
Stopping our tears
And facing their fears
Leaders are not fearless
They clean up the world’s mess
A firefighter that runs inside
Or a doctor that is saving lives
The men and women that put our country first
Prove to us what they are worth
By building schools
And making rules
A leader may be someone you know
A father who watches his children grow
Or the mother that gives her son away
So that he may see a brighter day
It’s not what they say
It’s not what they’re paid
It’s their selfless giving
That keeps the world living
Honorable Mention: Saige Ratchford
In The Name of Honor
Is the sum of your habits.
Mentality, moral strengths, standards, ethics, self-discipline
Is an act of influence.
Honorable, command, direction, power, distinction.
Is the display of overcoming extreme measures in the face of adversity.
Fearless, gallantry, dauntless bravery, valor, bold.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, John F. Kennedy,
Daniel Patrick Cagle.
Honorable Mention: Kenny Villafana
A leader is someone who stands for what they believe in, helps others, and stands up for others. Someone who doesn’t let others discourage them, stand proud and never gives up even though they know they might lose. Someone who tries their hardest to be who they want, and helps others along the way.
To be a leader, you need character. Character is an ultimate key in life. You need it everything you do. It tells who you are and what type of person you are. If you have a bad character, you give up and have a negative positive. But to have a good quality, you basically are a leader, just like Daniel.
Honorable Mention: Chris O’Neill
Daniel P. Cagle
To be a leader is a title of great honor
A person that is not afraid to take charge
Someone that is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in
No matter the obstacles, they must overcome to get there
Someone that is strong for others when they feel weak
Daniel P. Cagle
An example of a courageous human being
Not afraid to take on the challenge to fight for his country
A man with great honor and valor
Who is commemorated by many
For sacrificing himself for his troops
Daniel P. Cagle
A hero in his own right.
You took your life to save others
An example of someone whose leadership was strong
An example that one person can make a difference
In the lives of many
Someone that will forever be remembered
As brave and courageous
Daniel P. Cagle
You are a hero to all
Honorable Mention: Kayla Lelea
I see her standing there. Brave and tall. She looks across the horizon with the sun in her face. She smiles soaking the warmth all in. Thanking God for bringing her home safely. She takes a deep breath then stares at me with deep, but light brown eyes. When I look into her eyes I see a strong woman. Her eyes are innocent, yet you know she has seen things that no one would ever want to see. She has seen things like, exploding buildings, her best friend laying on the floor bleeding to death with dazed eyes. She has seen the people crying, babies in the street, crying out for their mother. But she has now put that all behind her, locked tight in a box in the back of her mind, trying to keep it shut. But she has survived and is now persevering and that’s true leadership. She now focuses on her family and friends. But she is stilly trying to heal for ugly memories she has of war. But, she now can laugh, crack a joke, and smile. Now that is character. Character and Leadership.
Honorable Mention: Ashley Haas
Leadership isn’t just a special quality that people get over night, over the years, or even a lifetime. No, Leadership is the quality to be born into, to be presented with such a gift is rate yet beautiful.
They pledge their faiths and beliefs with pride, they are the people who stand by our sides. Those who will risk what they love to protect, every singe aspect of love and respect. They are the warriors and heroes of our lives, even if they are the gentlest kin, who will smile and beam with the strongest of words that show great proofs of courage any ones ever heard. These are the fighters the greatest of all that show if you work hard you can always stand tall. These are the strong men and women we live by, the ones people we look up to but are too scared to look in the eye.
They walk by with a lightness you never seem to notice, the things they have don’t, the thins we thought hopeless. What we take for granted, they take into consideration, what we think is mindless they see as appreciation. Our opinions are different our morals can be low, but these angels on earth are what make things worth the go.

They fight and they fight with hearts oh so heavy, we look at them with they eyes very steady. They know what they want, they have goals beyond reach but they keep on going until they reach a victory so sweet. So we tip them or hats and five them a truce to say thanks to everyone, thank you for you. Their leadership is worth while for who they are or what they’ve done, thank you for being a leader amongst us all